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The game of Drips is a real challenge! Are you up for it?  (You may like to have a go at one or more of our slightly easier versions first: Last Bead, Driplets and Droplets.)

The game is for two players.  Take turns to remove as many drips as you like from a single drip trail. Click once to choose, and once again in the same place to confirm. Take the very last drip to win the game. Below you can play against Al, our computer. You can also play offline against a friend using coins or counters arranged in heaps instead of drips arranged on drip trails.

Press 'New Game' to start, you then have 20 seconds to make the first move before the computer loses patience and starts anyway.

Can you find a winning strategy?


For simpler versions of the game that will help you get started, see Last Bead, Driplets and Droplets.

If you'd like to play more similar games, have a go at Slippery Snail and Last Biscuit from the Ready for a Challenge? collection.  Can you see how they are linked?

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good game

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