Just One Cut?

Scissors cutting orange paper

Can any shape with straight sides be made by folding a single piece of paper and by making a single complete cut?

Watch the video below to find out more ...



Katie got into this 'fold and cut' problem by trying to cut a square out of a piece of paper as efficiently as possible.  Take a look ...



Why don't you have a go at folding a piece of paper and cutting out a triangle with just one straight cut, as Katie suggests?

Can you create a hexagon in the same way?

What other shapes can you create by folding and making just one straight cut?

We'd love you to share how you've tried this and what you've discovered. You can add a comment below, or you can email us - your work may be featured in the showcase.


Wow! I love what you're doing so much, I'm a big fan and I'm a girl.

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