Move Those Halves


Here's a green A4 sheet and its two halves which are see-through orange and blue sheets.



Explore where you can put these two halves and look at the overlap and the uncovered green parts.

There are no particular rule, it's just a matter of having an A4 sheet and the two transparent A5 sheets.

What different shapes and areas can you discover?


We'd love you to share how you've tried this and what you've discovered. You can add a comment below, or you can email us - your work may be featured in the showcase.


This is fun

this is the best place for me to learn maths.


From Anonymous

Aline, Luisa and I (Inés) discovered that there are MILLION of ways to overlap both shapes while the green part is still seen. For the moment, we had 5 ways but there are more.
PS: It's great fun :)

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