You might like to have a go at the game Driplets before this one.

This is a game for two players.

Take turns to remove as many drips as you like from a single drip trail. Click once to choose, and once again in the same place to confirm.

The winner is the person who takes the very last drip or drips.

Below you can play against Al, our computer, but you can also play offline against a friend using coins or counters arranged in heaps instead of drips arranged on drip trails.

Press 'New Game' to start, you then have 20 seconds to make the first move before Al, the computer, loses patience and starts anyway.

Can you find a winning strategy?

If you are having trouble, try Driplets first and see if you can use similar ideas here. Make use of the 'pairer' button!

You can also Watch Rachel and Marianne play the game to see how they got on.


Mastered this game? Then try Drips.


First start with the odd number.
Then you keep on talking odd numbers.
And the idea is to give your enemy the number four and the number five or even any odd number

Hi Priyanshi! Interesting thought! Does it matter how those droplets are distributed on the different trails?

You want to get to matching columns. First person wins.

Let your opponent start first, then leave him with two columns each with an even number of balls AND YOU WIN!

Thanks Dimitri, that does look like it'll work! Can you explain how to get to a position where there are two columns with an even number of balls left?

If AL go first and give me a even AL will WIN or a odd you would win or lose

Hi Kanishga. Good thinking! But how does this relate to how the droplets are distributed on the trails?

If your number ends in 5 you would definitely have a winning chance.

Hi Cameron. Interesting! Can you explain that further?

It occurs to me that if you have an even number in a line you may have a chance of winning.

Good thinking Nieve. Can you explain why that would work? And can you figure out how you'd get to such a position?

Who ever starts wins but it is depending on what you get if you get 2,3 you might win if you keep taking 3,3,3,3 or 2,2,2,2 or 1,1,1,1 you might just win!

Hi Donovan. Sounds like you might be on to something. Can you explain that further?

always let Al go first then keep taking one at a time this worked for me hope it works for you