Number Patterns and Infinity

When you start to count 1, 2, 3... you never know where it's going to take you! In this pathway, we invite you to look for patterns in a variety of situations. Can you explain the patterns by exploring the underlying structure? Can you reach for the stars and make sense of infinity?

Magic Letters

Charlie has made a Magic V. Can you use his example to make some more? And how about Magic Ls, Ns and Ws?


Pairwise Puzzler

I thought of 4 numbers - can you figure them out from 6 clues? Can you figure out 5 numbers from 10 clues? 6 numbers from 15 clues...


Noticing and Explaining Patterns

Some mathematicians say that mathematics is the science of patterns. Here we invite you to explore some situations and notice the patterns that emerge, before going on to explain and perhaps prove them.

Patterns in Structures

Mathematicians often explore simple structures to look for the patterns that emerge. Here's a chance for you to work like a mathematician. Can you find and explain any interesting patterns?


Infinity is literally one of the biggest ideas in mathematics! We invite you to explore these problems that lead you to consider the awe and wonder of the infinite.