Geometry Journeys

All the activities in this pathway have been inspired by the question: 'Is it possible to make any shape with straight sides by folding a piece of paper and making just one straight cut?'.

What can you discover by simply folding and cutting paper?

Just One Cut?

Can any shape with straight sides be made by folding a single piece of paper and by making a single complete cut?


Can You Make Your Name?

Can you create each of the letters in your name from a piece of paper by folding and making just one cut? Intrigued?


Cut and Change

Turn triangles into a square, squares into a rectangle ... This collection of activities invites you to cut up shapes and create new ones.

Are you up for the challenge?



This collection invites you to find out about the symmetry of snowflakes, and create your own paper versions just by folding and cutting.

Folds and Holes

You'll need to be armed with paper, scissors and a hole punch to explore this collection of activities, all of which involve folding in some way, followed by making a cut or punching a hole.

Can you predict what your creations will look like before you unfold?

Modular Making

This collection offers you the chance to create four different models. Each one is made from several 'modules', which are pieces of paper, folded in the same way.

Which one would you like to make first?

Geometry Journeys Library

Here you can find out more about the maths behind this Geometry Journeys pathway. Have a look and see what catches your eye. We hope you'll be inspired to explore our challenges as a result!