Can You Make Your Name?

We spotted the photo above on Twitter with this tweet:



Wow! Is it really true that each of those letters was made by folding a piece of paper and then making just one cut?

Take a look at this video to find out more ...



Can you make individual letters to create your name, each letter made by folding and just one cut?


During our last 2 weeks of term, my class is having a go at this. We were successful at the sqaures and triangles and we are now tackling the letters! How long did it take you to work out the letters Katie?

Hello! It's great to hear you've had a go and I hope you manage to get there! It took a little while to get all the letters, but I started with the easy ones (I, O, L, C, T - lots of symmetry) and worked from there. You can invent your own shapes to cut out too. Keep enjoying maths!

Yes, I can.

That's great, Emmanuel. It would be lovely to see a photo of your letters, if you still have them.

Which ones did you find easiest to make? Which were hardest?

Struggled with the letters that didn't have obvious symmetry. Christopher felt slightly hard done by compared to Max! But have been asking for another lesson on it.