Got It: Taking it Further

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If you have found a strategy for the version of Got It with a target of 23 and numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 to choose from, then why not take it further by changing the target number and/or the range of numbers?

Use the 'Settings' button on the interactive below to tweak the game.


Tablet/Full Screen Version



Test out the strategy you found earlier. Does it need adapting?
Can you work out a winning strategy for any target?
Can you work out a winning strategy for any range of numbers?
Is it best to start the game? Always?


To play similar games, see Approaching Midnight and Seven Counters. Can you see the similarities?




Let's say that the target for the winner is "a".
Let's say that the range of numbers you are allowed to select is "b" to "c".

If a/(b+c) = y remainder z, then for Player 1 to win, they must say z first. Then, whatever number that Player 2 says (let's call it d), Player 1 must say whatever b+c-d is. Then so and so. The next number Player 2 says , Player 1 must say b+c-that number. If you keep playing, like this, Player 1 shall always get to a first.

This explanation is not that confusing if you know what I mean and have already read the Got It solution.

It shall be a fun game for Player 1.

This is a really good explanation, well done! I've hidden the solution so that other people can have a chance to think about the problem before reading the solution.

Can you or anyone else build on this to explain what the strategy is if z is not between b and c?
You might want to start by thinking about the case where b=1 and z=0.