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It was very tricky but I figured out the code they programmed so it is very fun. The code is: very easy, 2,5,5,5,5,5.

this is very useful

we tried that but it didn't work!

Interesting. What do your numbers represent?

As long as you start with 2, and then add 6 to whatever they play, you win (as long as there are 32 dots).
The 2,5,5,5,5,5,5 pattern occurs because the programming in this case always plays 1.

Thanks for your comment, Neal. Can you give us a bit more detail to help us understand your strategy please?

this is super hard

this is such a good game !!

this is such a good game !!

The person who comes to the 26th circle will win.

Even if you get to the 8th circle you will also win.

There are 33 circles to get to the end...

Just like 21 dares , you need to get the other person to not be able to get to the second last circle. So you have 4 max goes. So you go 2 for the first to get 31 so you can keep on adding fives because the maximum that the other person can do is 4. Eventually, you will be able to get to the second last step, go there and your opponent will be forced to lose.

Thanks Georgios, this is really interesting! I have hidden your strategy so that it's not a spoiler for others.

You have to start whith a two

Thanks Panda! Can you explain this further?

What if there were x islands and each turn you could only bridge y islands? I'm really confused on how to write a decent explanation of this.

Keep playing, its hard. If you can't get it, the code is to put the islands down to 10 and just move in 4s.

Hi Mitchell. It's hard, but it looks like you've had a good go at it. Can you explain your strategy further?

The code is ...

for you to land on the 7 one before the end.

Thanks Amelie. Can you explain that a little further? How would you get to the 7?

Guys, I don't get 255555 cause I tried it and it didn't work . Can you please explain it a bit further?

guys I just found out how to win it easy goes !!!!! Move 2 for your first move and keep your mouse there. Then count 6 and keep on repeating . You will always win ! Why ? How ? Basically, you add 1 to your max moves per turn , and keep on taking away that number from the amount of islands you have . Your final answer is what you start with, and then keep on adding your max turns+1 to it . You will never lose !!!!!!!!

Start with

two, then get to the 8th dot, then the 14th dot then the 20th dot, then the 26th dot

then you win!!

Reis, Oli, Jamie & Charlie

that answer is right we worked it out at school

I think this game is really good and I know the tactic.

The pattern is you start with 2 and add six each time until you get to 32 . Remember to start from the beginning each time you add a new number. You have to go on settings you have to press You to win the game

Try this out !

the answer is: start with 2, then add six each time until you get to 32, you win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the first move you need to go two dots or two places then 6 from where you're positioned next turn. It doesn't matter what the AI does you will always win, basically you keep on moving 6 dots forward from where your standing before the AI moves. This strategy keeps the AI definitely way from the end point.

This is identical to "I got it", but there is a bug in the programme.
When you read on the screen "the computer moves by..." often that is not accurate, so after I worked out how to do it I had to count the dots moved by the computer by hand...

Anyway, the solution is: start from 2 and from then make sure that the comp's move and your's add up to 6.

That is indeed an excellent strategy, well done!

As for the bug, I see what you mean, I shall pass it on. Thank you for mentioning it.

You have to make sure you start by moving 2 circles forward then you always make sure your number of moves and the computer's number of moves sums up to 6 and you will win. This is because the total amount of circles is 32 and if you sum the smallest possible move and largest possible move, you get 6; then if u divide 32 by 6 you get 5 remainder 2, so you start with 2 and the moves add up to 6.

That's some excellent reasoning there! How does it change if you change the total number of islands and the maximum move allowed?