Jacob and Tom’s solution for Roll Over the Dice

Thank you to Jacob and Tom for sending us their thoughts on Roll Over the Dice


First, you draw a 5 x 5 grid and in the top left hand corner you insert any number of your choice from one to six (as you can see in the example, we have chosen three).


 The number in the top left corner should then be repeated in every other corner and in the centre of the grid (see blue lines). You then insert the number’s number bond to seven two squares below and create a diamond pattern (look at red line).


Then you must insert the repeated pattern (a repeated row of numbers) in the second and fourth row (it will be six and one, four and three or two and five (see green line)). The first and last columns should be the same (see purple lines).


The last two numbers, from one to six that you haven’t used, then should be inserted into the empty spaces (remember it should be lowest to highest to lowest going downwards on the second column, on the fourth column it should be highest, lowest, highest (see orange lines)).

Finished image:


Finished image without lines:



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