A triomino is a shape made from three squares. Here is an L-triomino:

Here is a size 2 L-triomino:

Can you find a way to tile a size 2 triomino with size 1 triominoes?
How many size 1 triominoes do you need?
Can you use the tiling of a size 2 triomino to help you to tile a size 4 triomino?

Can you convince yourself that you will be able to tile a size 8, 16, 32... $2^n$ L-triomino using size 1 L-triominoes?
How many size 1 L-triominoes would you need to tile a size 8, 16, 32... $2^n$ L-triomino? 
What about other size L-triominoes?

The diagram below shows the region which needs to be tiled to turn a size 1 L-triomino into a size 3 L-triomino.

Can you find a way of tiling the grey region?

Is it possible to tile any size triomino using size 1 triominoes?

You can explore other tilings with the L-triomino in Tiling with Ls.