Picture This

This collection of articles and videos explores how finding the right picture makes it easier to follow challenging mathematical ideas.



The Art Gallery Problem

A tricky problem can be solved by picturing it in a new way.


Tiling Troubles

Why can you only use three of the regular polygons to tile a wall?


Order in Disorder

"Some bits of mathematics are completely free of equations: just about patterns. I want to tell you about such a bit of maths, with no equations at all."
Watch this talk by Professor Imre Leader (Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, University of Cambridge) to learn more!


Cut your Cake and Eat it

Can you feed infinitely many people with just one cake? And if so, how should you cut it?


Friends and Strangers

Sometimes drawing the right picture allows you to find order in something that, at first glance, looks like one big mess.