Slippery Snail


Can you win this game by getting the last bug into the snail's mouth?

Play the game below with a friend. Four bugs are placed on certain spots on the snail. Take it in turns to move any bug, moving out towards the snail's mouth (the star). You can move a bug any number of spots but bugs cannot jump on or pass each other. When a bug reaches the snail's mouth (the star), it is out of the game.

The winner is the player who gets the last bug into the snail's mouth.

Play as many times as you like. You might like to use the interactive below to play against a friend, or against the computer.

Tablet/Full Screen Version

Can you find a winning strategy? If so, can you describe it?

Think you have mastered the game? Then try taking it further.

Have you tried playing Silver Dollar? Can you see the similarities between the two games?


To win this game, try first to make two sets of pair of bugs in your turn. Once you make this formation, you should keep this formation in every your turn.

This is SO HARD!