Quarters, Quarters

How would you colour in a quarter of 5 squares?

How do you know it's a quarter? Maybe you can prove it's a quarter.

Here are some ways that other people have started this task. You may like to continue one of their ways of working, or create a new one of your own ...

Here is how Abel started off. He decided it would be good to put then in the form of a cross (or "plus" sign).

Start of 5 sqs Quartered


Then Raj took that idea in a slightly different direction and explored finding both thirds and quarters using similar shapes.



Sara took it in a new adventurous way, she's always liked hexagons but decided to take 7 of them and find a quarter.



So now it's up to you.

You could follow on from where these three have taken it, you could find a new idea for yourself to explore and be creative or ...