Silver Dollar

Select a step and lower it by dragging it down.

Can you complete the staircase and win a silver dollar? Can you find a winning stratagy?

Tablet/Full Screen Version

Have you tried to play Slippery Snail? Can you see the similarities between the two games?


If the first step is down at the start, make sure you have the first turn (change it in settings). If not, make the computer start. Keep moving the step to the right of the first or third steps. Move the 2nd or 4th step so it is on top of the first or third step. Then you will win!

Sam T, Will & Charlie

If I change the length to 40, your strategy doesn't work.

First move the the second smallest step down as far as possible, if it cannot be moved resort to the biggest step and move that down as far as possible instead. If you repeat this over and over most of the time you should be the winner!!!!!!! This works unless the steps are in the wrong starting place.